D&G AW 2017 Collection Fashion Show


As I started watching this show, I was at first entertained to see one of my favorite bloggers walk down the runway- But the more and more I watched of this show, I slowly started to understand the agenda of the brand.

When it comes to the world of luxury, we start asking ourself what it really means today? Not too long ago, luxury products were much harder to possess as prices suggested a sense of exclusivity.  As years progressed and we began facing the world of today, with globalization and new markets emerging, luxury redefined itself and started to become more accessible than ever imagined. So the question of today is, does luxury still exist or is it too mass marketed?

I have to say some brands still uphold a sense of exclusivity more so than others such as Chanel and Hermès to name a few, but many have strayed away to marketing tactics that have reduced their image today in the world of luxury. To get back to the point I was making before, as I started watching the show, I was enjoying the diversity at hand, but after some time, I realized the brand went a bit too far.

I understand that D&G was displaying a new sense of “family” but the method at hand was too overstretched. There is a reason why models walk the runway, actors act, teachers teach, etc. and although we sometimes see some and rarely people who do it all wellusually most people stick to one profession because that’s their true calling.

Now, seeing all types of different influencers, if that’s what you want to call them, walking down the D&G runway was not only chaotic but a clear strategy of a mass attempt to communicate to too many markets at once. Not only does that deteriorate the purpose of a luxury brand’s fashion show, but also destroys the brand’s image in the luxury world. Where is the exclusivity? And more so, can everyone and anyone now wear Dolce & Gabbana?

For a short term strategy, I think the brand might have done something new and enlightening in contrast to its competitors. Not only did the brand feature “real” people, it is only obvious that all these influencers shared their images via their social pages thus increasing the awareness of the brand. But as sweet as this short term success might be, long term is not so pretty.

I wouldn’t be surprised if D&G became even more accessible to the mass market and less desirable to the real luxury buyers in years to come.

A rule in business I’ll never forget, “As you make your way to win a new market, do not forget your old, for your old, is your history, and your history, is your success.”

Food for thought – What do you think?

Night Night


PS. Credits to the cover picture go to Reuters (http://www.reuters.com/article/us-fashion-milan-dolce-gabbana-idUSKBN1650OK) and video is from M2M.





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