Time to “ZZZ”

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We have all had that moment where we lose track of our days, lost and confused if it’s Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday- it’s inevitable. Well I currently am experiencing this moment probably due to loss of sleep, my husband’s irregular schedule between day and night shifts, and my constant desire to not leave the house other than to workout and get some groceries due to the bitter cold.

It’s a vicious cycle that all plays into each other, but I decided that in order to break this habit, I need to fix my sleeping schedule. Lately, after the day is done, I have been if you’d like to say “binge watching” Desperate Housewives. Every time I sit down and start watching this show, I promise myself to watch one episode and then go to sleep, but low and behold the episodes keep rolling. It’s hard to have this control when there is so much drama to watch. It is just so addicting, that I keep watching up until my eyes tell me they have had enough.

So tonight, I plan on beating this vicious cycle, and attempting to sleep at a normal time rather than 3 am. I cannot emphasize how important sleep is. Lately I have felt that the longer I stay awake, the worse my body gets affected. My sleep is disrupted constantly and I am unable to enter my deep sleeping mode, which ultimately affects the rest of my day. Sleeping really does make you beautiful, both inside and out. You’re not only in a good mood but your body gets the rest it needs to do what it needs to do scientifically (not going to go into all that and bore you).

My lack of sleep has also affected my eating habits which is also not a good thing as coffee doesn’t play its caffeinated role and I tend to feel nauseous for the first half of my day. So if there is anything I can say, if you can control it, give your body the rest it needs. I cannot emphasize enough how important is to get that beauty sleep, even if it means not getting to watch your favorite show at night. TV will always be there but your hours of sleep are always ticking away.

So in honor of daylight savings tonight, honor yourself by getting in bed an hour earlier than the usual, and try to get that eight hours of sleep your body deserves! Trust me, it is all worth it at the end of the day as you will feel more productive and more energized throughout your tasks when morning comes.

Good luck in getting your zzz’s tonight! I know that I will need it for sure.






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