Three Steps for Now

It’s been a little while since I have posted something on the blog-every day and night I have been attempting to write something, but honestly felt there was nothing to write about.

The past couple days have been very cold here with yet another Winter storm passing through. The weather has been so inconsistent that it just plays with my mood and creativity. I’ve been patiently waiting for Spring weather to arrive, but unfortunately, Spring doesn’t seem to be close by.

I know I recently wrote about making the best of every situation and trying to be optimistic, but what can I say, I am human. This month so far has been quite the roller coaster- With the weather unwilling to commit to a season or temperature, my body has chosen to commit to staying indoors ultimately furthermore affecting my mood and opinion about the place I reside.

I know that I am the sole playmaker in my mood swings, but at the same time, there are days that I simply just want to give up on anything and everything and just do nothing at all. A little note about me- my mood is very, VERY, subject to the weather. I hate the cold, and especially hate it when there is no sun. Luckily, although today it’s freezing outside, the sun has still made its presence.

Back to what I was saying about basically hibernation- There are ways to overcome this period in the weather per say. For a stay at home wife with no kids to cater to yet, it’s still weird for me to say that, after all the errands are done around the house, it’s so easy to just sink into the couch and wait-wait till he comes home, wait till you go out again- the vicious cycle of waiting is just so easy to hop on. But it’s so important, and I emphasize important to find something you love to do in the mean time so you don’t feel like you’re just wasting your life, which to be completely honest, I recently have felt.

It’s time to make a plan of what needs to be done so I can leave this cycle I have been such a part of. It’s true a lot have suggested that I find a job, but to be completely frank, I know myself enough that working for the sake of just working isn’t going to make me happy- as I previously mentioned before, I graduated in Business Fashion (shorter way of saying it) and honestly that’s my true calling. So for me to just work anything, isn’t going to advance my career or make me happy- it’s just gonna use my time up and make me more unhappy living here.

So aside the rant, for those of you who can’t find something you are truly passionate about job wise , Step 1, I recommend as my mother always said, to find a hobby. Something that you can be proud of after spending time on. My mother used to paint- I like to write, so I started this blog to share different insights and to connect to other women who share my story. I also started creating jewelry and cooking and baking different recipes that required more time. IMG_7915With the time that I have had, I have become more in sync with what I truly love to do.

Now I have said what I have done, but now to share what I plan to do is Step 2. Clearly all that I have been doing hasn’t sufficed for me, so my next step is to make a plan of what I attend to achieve in the next couple of months. For starters, I want to excel in my exercise. Recently, before the storm passed through, I was going to the gym at least two to three times a week, but when the weather got cold again, just like a bear, I ate and stayed in.  This time, hopefully starting tomorrow, I plan to workout every other day, even if it means staying at home and doing a couple of exercises- which believe it or not works! So I plan on really getting that going.

Step 3, which is the last step I will share for today so I don’t occupy your whole day with this article is to plan ahead. There are actually going to be a lot of things going on around us when the weather gets warmer, so with the time that I have now, I want to start planning weekend trips and discovering the new activities around town. I think this will allow me to have something to look forward to. With my husband working 6 days a week, our time together is limited, so if I have a plan of what to do together, we can make the most out of it.

For now, I will let you go, but as the week progresses, I will share with you my accomplishments!

Happy Friday and Bisous



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