Another Friday

Good Afternoon Beautiful People ❤

It’s finally Friday, and as much as I want to say TGIF, for me it feels like a Tuesday. Recently my days have been so shuffled that I can’t tell which day is which. Since my husband has been working six days a week with alternative days off, my week seems to start and end so quickly that I can’t manage the right rhythm. Luckily, this module that he is rotating in will end soon allowing me to get back on track.

Despite my confusion in days, I have honestly been proud of myself. With the warming weather and the desire to be more productive throughout my days, I have been succeeding quite well. Lately, I have pushed myself to workout to get back in that habit and my body, although sore,  feels much better than before. As I mentioned in my last post, I have been working on these lower body exercises that actually feel like they are doing the job. If I seem some results in a month’s worth, I will for sure share them.

Now that Summer is almost here, I want to try to be in shape. I want to feel accomplished and not dread the feeling of putting on a bathing suit. Although I am not overweight or anything, my body could use a little toning. That’s why my aim is to focus on toning exercises that use light weights and consist of a lot of reps. So here’s to hoping that these drills will work.

Another focus of mine recently, is paying more attention to my body and what it’s telling me. I know I sound a bit crazy when I say that, but recently my stomach has been making so many noises and feeling so bloated all the time especially after I eat. So I realized that a huge player in this ballgame could be dairy which for me is catastrophic as I cannot live without my cheeses and cream in my coffee. In general, I always have some sort of dairy in my day so although cutting it out would probably be the best way to test it, I instead have started taking a lactose pill prior to eating anything with dairy in it to see how it works. So far this morning, it is working like a charm- I just hope it keeps on going :p

So for all of you who feel like today is actually Friday and your weekend starts tomorrow, I want to say Happy Friday, and for those of you who are in the same boat as me, hang in there, our weekend will come!




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