26… An interesting age to turn. You have passed 25 which makes you feel like a quarter of a century old but at the same time, you haven’t hit the 30’s which then again makes you feel still a bit young. As I turn 26 so many things flash my mind. What am I expecting out of my life and do I have enough time to still make it all happen?

For starters the day itself was quite nice. Although it was gloomy and rainy the first half, my husband was sweet to surprise me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. IMG_8144The minute the florist rang the door and I received my bouquet, my mood suddenly changed! It’s as if my husband had read my mind and knew exactly what I needed to start my day the right way!

As the day continued, I prepared myself for my husband’s big surprise that night. He wanted to take me somewhere nice for dinner to celebrate the big day, but before dinner, he yet surprised me again.

Arriving home, he held a huge cake that resembled a suitcase covered with a little stamps of the adventures that we had shared. There was a Mauritius stamp, a Disney World, among others- the thought was so cute and thoughtful that I couldn’t but smile. The time he spent thinking every detail out of the day was just so sweet that I truly was surprised every step of the way. IMG_8130

After eating a piece of cake for good luck’s sake and blowing out the candles, we made our way out to dinner! We also enjoyed our time as he took me to a nice restaurant with good music and even better great company. He was just the sweetest through his actions.

After dinner, we came back home and celebrated the rest of the evening. He had yet another surprise waiting for me. Another present so thoughtfully picked out, that I was just thinking the whole time to myself, how could I have been so lucky to have found a guy as sweet as him. He is just so thoughtful, honest, and loving, that I couldn’t picture my life without him.

So back to the main question of today’s post- with everything that has happened in my life so far, do I feel like it’s on track? Honestly, there is no telling if what I am doing is right or wrong, but all I know is that what I am doing in my life today is making me happy, and I think that’s the most important thing in life. Happiness is more valuable than any other asset out there. So I guess, what I have to say, is that turning 26 might have made me a little older, but my heart is young and happy.

Happy day people and bisous! xoxo



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