Neglichic is written and crafted by two sisters who love food, fashion, and life- You will get to meet them through their contributions and quick short biographies below.

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My name is Tanya Hajj and I am 25 years old almost 26 (wow it’s weird to think I’m almost that old) and I’m recently married and living in Buffalo, NY. I graduated with a BA in Business from Rhodes College and also have a Masters degree in International Fashion and Luxury Brand Management from Esmod, Paris. I need to be challenged and can’t sit for too long without moving around and doing something. I love fashion, eating and cooking food, music, and playing around with make up! Traveling is always exciting for me and watching movies is always a favorite pastime. I one day hope to open a small cafe boutique but until then I am very pleased to meet you beautiful people!

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Heyy heyy heyy! My name is Zeina Hajj and I’m 22 years old living in Beirut, Lebanon. I’m a Senior studying at the American University of Beirut majoring in Media Studies and Communications. This is only an introduction about me, but you’ll be discovering more about each one of us throughout this blog. Some of my hobbies include drawing, photography, and creating movies/ videos. I love traveling, food, fashion, current events, and watching series and movies. Enough about me for now… wait to see what I’ll be posting weekly!