A pretty simple title for a pretty simple day… It started out the usual way with the wake up call and the desire to drink some coffee first, but I instead started it out with some hot water, a lemon, and a dash of salt.IMG_7682.JPG I wanted to give it a try as many had recommended it as a way to boost your metabolism in the morning. Not going to lie, at first the flavor was a bit unbearable as I am not a big fan of lemon water- I like my water plain and simple- but with a couple more sips, I started to acquire the taste for it.

I actually was on my Snapchat the other day and saw that a lot of people have started requesting different ways to drink their water. There are actually fancy restaurants that have a “water-tender” who creates different water cocktails based on the food that you have selected. So if you are having a steak, he or she might recommend a specific water mixture to be paired in contrast to something else if you were having pasta. The world is definitely evolving into different trends, so I am interested to see where this one will go!

As for me, I wanted to see what the rage was about and if I could get myself to hydrate more, why not? I have been trying all that I possibly can to continue drinking water throughout my day, which unfortunately has caused my bathroom literally to be the room I spend the second most time in, but if it’s good my body, why not? After all, nothing comes without a price.

Continuing my day, I fixed my hair and went back to the usual natural lightening spray that I love to use from time to time. When I was a kid, my mother always wanted to preserve my natural beauty as long as she possibly could before I started messing with it. So when I came to her wanting to highlight my hair like all my other friends were doing at the time, she suggested a natural lightening spray-yes the one that you spray in your hair at the beach. At the time, I definitely was a bit upset to not get to do whatever I wanted to do with my hair, but now I thank her for dealing with my teenage moodswings. But back to the point, I have been using these products to create a natural almost summer look to my hair. If interested, these are the products in the picture. img_7696

I really like these products as unlike highlighting your hair at the salon and creating heavy damage, the spray and gel does the job subtly and without the extreme damage. Of course, I always use a hair oil to hydrate my hair every time I wash it to keep healthy- just because it’s not skin, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need its own form of moisture. I learned the hard way by trying to turn into a blonde two years ago, and let’s just say, for a girl with chestnut brown hair, it’s not exactly the best treatment for your hair. So since then, I have been patient with the recovering of my hair.

Continuing my day, although I had planned to hit the gym, I instead began preparing dinner. I am a strong believer that the greatest things in life, are the most simple. Whether it has to do with fashion, personality, food, etc. the simpler the better. So today, I made one my favorite simple recipes that consist of fresh mozzarella, a fresh tomato, pasta, garlic, olive oil, and your average white and black pepper, salt, and dried basil. To get the recipe, just follow @neglichic on Instagram!


All I can say is that the pasta was delicious, and the company was even better. Having my husband come home a bit earlier today, was the cherry on top of my Friday. So after dinner, we watched a couple of episodes of Desperate Housewives ( I have been trying to get him to watch it for a while now) and enjoyed the evening.

To make it even better, we even had a cheese and coconut water late night snack with fresh baguette from the oven and some marmalade and Nutella to sweeten things up!


Overall my Friday was sweet!  It’s really the simple moments with loved ones that make it great! So on that note, I wish you a do, and bisous!

Monday Feb.27.2017

It’s Monday, which for me, means cleaning day around the house! Dusting, Laundry, you name it, I’ll most likely be doing it. I have to say that at times, strangely enough, I look forward to this day as it serves as a mediocre stress relief, but today, I feel quite the opposite- almost obliged to do it unless I wish to see the layer of dust piling up on my nightstand.

At least I have a catchy song to help me get the job done!

I have to say that this song is pretty great and I love both artists so kudos to them.

Aside from cleaning, today I hope to get back in my gym routine. For starters, I plan on tackling the gym at least three times a week! As Summer is right around the corner, I want to try  and emphasis on “try” to be in shape! I have been perusing around my Pintrest collecting different workouts to tone the parts of my body that need the most attention. Yet, in the process of doing so, I discovered in order to that, I am going to have to cut out a lot of delicious food items in my diet, starting out with any white flour items: pasta, bread, etc. and substitute them for whole wheat. So I am debating whether or not I should take it that seriously, but then again, I don’t think I ever have, so it would be nice to see what the results would bring if I did.

My husband takes this topic a bit more seriously once he gets into it, and he even offered to train me (which I know can be very difficult), so recently I have been quite interested. So, let’s just say, hopefully I make it to the gym today! It’s really feeling like a 50/50 chance as last night didn’t deliver the best sleep for me.

On other thoughts, as for the project ahead, I can tell you that it’s in the works, and soon some changes will be made, but as they say, patience is a virtue. For now I leave you as my chores won’t do themselves, so Happy Monday everyone and we will talk tomorrow!


Fridays & Chestnut Cream

Hello Fellow Readers-

Thank God it’s Friday! Something about this day in the week just makes me truly happy. True, it’s a call for the weekend, but the day itself has more to offer than people actually credit it for. It’s a day to celebrate the survival of a hectic week or simply to look forward to some time alone- an escape really. Or even more so, it’s a day to be thankful for what you have and for what’s coming. I know, I got a bit deep at the end there.

So overall, happy Friday everyone!

Now, as I promised, and for those of you who saw my Instagram story yesterday, I made a delectable and bigger version of a Mont Blanc- a French dessert consisting of chestnut cream, meringues, and heavy whipping cream. For someone who is not a big fan of chestnut cream, I have to say this was pretty delicious…light and sweet!

Today, I will share with you my chestnut cream recipe or most commonly known as creme de marron, an important and key ingredient in the Mont Blanc and many other French desserts. So to make this, I went to Wegmans and bought six bags of the 100 grams roasted and peeled chestnut bags. The recipe is pretty simple – all you need is 600g of the roasted and peeled chestnuts (I bought the organic Galil brand), 200g  of sugar, 3 tbs of vanilla extract, and 900g of water.

So to start off, you need to pour all of the ingredients into a pan and place it on the stove over high heat (if you like pieces in your chestnut cream, leave about 50g of chestnuts on the side for later use). Stir all your ingredients, and once they start boiling, lower your heat to medium low, and allow them to simmer for 22 minutes.

After 22 minutes, separate your chestnuts and syrup with a strainer, leaving the liquid for later use. Place the chestnuts in a food processor and begin the mixing process. Using the syrup, slowly,  incorporate it into the chestnuts in the food processor up until the paste has reached the texture desired – that said, if you plan on using the cream in desserts, it’s better to leave it at a slightly thicker consistency, a little less than peanut butter, but very close to it. Also if you wanted it with some chestnut pieces, this would be the time to add the remaining chestnuts. With that, you should have some delicious chestnut cream.

I went ahead and added the pictures from my Instagram story, so you can take a glimpse of the process. Trust me, the recipe is worth making as it is both simple and delicious with crepes, toast, and really anything. So with no further ado, I simply must say bon appetit!

Bisous and have a wonderful weekend!

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