A Quickie

Okay so by the title, you’re probably assuming that you are going to read something dirty, but this is simply a rush to share with you my day- not to mention I typed this out already and it so kindly deleted! As I mentioned in my last post, now that the storm has passed, my objective is to be more productive with my days.

Today was a great start as every Monday started the same way it usually does with laundry and chores around the house. With that successfully done, it was time for my husband to come home and join me for a quick brunch before hitting the gym. For brunch I fixed us up a good omlette with some spices, spinach, tomatoes, cheese, turkey and on the side some of my speciality fresh mixed avocado. (All I have is the picture of the spinach as I was so hungry, I wasn’t able to catch a picture before my mouth devoured it)After eating that so fast, we let our bellies rest for about an hour before hitting the gym.

At the gym, I successfully felt like I completed a great workout. I will definitely share with you the steps if it gives great results. It was lower body day, so you can imagine how great it feels now to be laying in bed. After gymming (not sure if that’s a word but I will take it) my husband and I headed to wash my very dirty car then to my favorite sushi place: Ichiban! Dinner consisted of some sashimi, salad, and a miso soup. So delicious, it’s making me hungry! 

The day didn’t stop there as we headed to our friendly 24 hour supermarket 😆. We were there till 10 pm about two hours- the trip was due and much needed! I can understand why my husband was so ready to leave though. 

Back home, showered and all clean, I am honestly super happy with the results of today. I felt productive and accomplished and best of all it boosted my happiness. So if there is anything I can recommend to the women who share my life right now, keep busy as it makes you feel so happy! 

Enough for now and time for me to get some shut eye! Bisous lovely people ❤


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A pretty simple title for a pretty simple day… It started out the usual way with the wake up call and the desire to drink some coffee first, but I instead started it out with some hot water, a lemon, and a dash of salt.IMG_7682.JPG I wanted to give it a try as many had recommended it as a way to boost your metabolism in the morning. Not going to lie, at first the flavor was a bit unbearable as I am not a big fan of lemon water- I like my water plain and simple- but with a couple more sips, I started to acquire the taste for it.

I actually was on my Snapchat the other day and saw that a lot of people have started requesting different ways to drink their water. There are actually fancy restaurants that have a “water-tender” who creates different water cocktails based on the food that you have selected. So if you are having a steak, he or she might recommend a specific water mixture to be paired in contrast to something else if you were having pasta. The world is definitely evolving into different trends, so I am interested to see where this one will go!

As for me, I wanted to see what the rage was about and if I could get myself to hydrate more, why not? I have been trying all that I possibly can to continue drinking water throughout my day, which unfortunately has caused my bathroom literally to be the room I spend the second most time in, but if it’s good my body, why not? After all, nothing comes without a price.

Continuing my day, I fixed my hair and went back to the usual natural lightening spray that I love to use from time to time. When I was a kid, my mother always wanted to preserve my natural beauty as long as she possibly could before I started messing with it. So when I came to her wanting to highlight my hair like all my other friends were doing at the time, she suggested a natural lightening spray-yes the one that you spray in your hair at the beach. At the time, I definitely was a bit upset to not get to do whatever I wanted to do with my hair, but now I thank her for dealing with my teenage moodswings. But back to the point, I have been using these products to create a natural almost summer look to my hair. If interested, these are the products in the picture. img_7696

I really like these products as unlike highlighting your hair at the salon and creating heavy damage, the spray and gel does the job subtly and without the extreme damage. Of course, I always use a hair oil to hydrate my hair every time I wash it to keep healthy- just because it’s not skin, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need its own form of moisture. I learned the hard way by trying to turn into a blonde two years ago, and let’s just say, for a girl with chestnut brown hair, it’s not exactly the best treatment for your hair. So since then, I have been patient with the recovering of my hair.

Continuing my day, although I had planned to hit the gym, I instead began preparing dinner. I am a strong believer that the greatest things in life, are the most simple. Whether it has to do with fashion, personality, food, etc. the simpler the better. So today, I made one my favorite simple recipes that consist of fresh mozzarella, a fresh tomato, pasta, garlic, olive oil, and your average white and black pepper, salt, and dried basil. To get the recipe, just follow @neglichic on Instagram!


All I can say is that the pasta was delicious, and the company was even better. Having my husband come home a bit earlier today, was the cherry on top of my Friday. So after dinner, we watched a couple of episodes of Desperate Housewives ( I have been trying to get him to watch it for a while now) and enjoyed the evening.

To make it even better, we even had a cheese and coconut water late night snack with fresh baguette from the oven and some marmalade and Nutella to sweeten things up!


Overall my Friday was sweet!  It’s really the simple moments with loved ones that make it great! So on that note, I wish you a do, and bisous!