March Madness


March madness is MARCH MADNESS- Every time you will come across a collage you will know it’s me.

I honestly am not much of a writer. I tend to express myself better in drawings and sketches. Some brainstorm ideas using words, instead I use points, lines and surfaces. For that, when I was thinking about March’s madness, I couldn’t but think of this image in my head that only got clearer in the  making process.

March is an unpredictable month by all means. The changes happening in the world around me are all collapsed in this month. When in March, one is in winter and in summer, one is in the rain and under the sun, and most importantly one is in the clouds and in the mud. One is in-between. Unpredictable March… unpredictable madness…

A Thanks to my Mother

FullSizeRender 10.jpg

As I think of who to commemorate today, there are so many out there-but if I had to pick one, I would pick my mother as she not only is a role model for me and someone I truly respect, but she represents the true essence of what it means to be a woman today.

Today we face a society where women are more equal in terms of rights than before- but of course we still have our fair share of inequality- but in comparison to 100 years ago, we are doing much better. I say this to explain that in terms of decisions, women face the same opportunity as men when choosing whether or not to pursue a career or becoming a housewife. Some even manage to do both, but realistically speaking, when it comes to perfecting one or the other, it’s not easy to juggle both.

My mother married my father at the age of 23 (I think-I always mess it up) and by the age of 34 already had four kids. Yes, she managed quite a handful, and surprisingly enough she accomplished it basically on her own. Of course my dad was there at times and whenever he could, but he was a busy man with his job as well.  But what really makes my mother different than many women of today, is with her choice to be a stay at home mom, she was fully committed and when I say committed, I mean she literally had ZERO help from anyone.


She was there for us from early morning till night, and I mean all of us. From waking up with my father to having all of our breakfasts ready, to keeping the house super clean, to picking us up from school, to making sure we did our homework as she sat by us and assisted us, to tucking us into bed, and to giving herself maybe ten minutes before she started all that over again. My mother was the definition of a super hero, and although at times I could see in her eyes how she wondered what if she focused on herself and pursued her career, I could also see the joy and dedication she had towards us.

I remember at the age of 14, since by then we are all a bit older, my mom actually thought about pursuing her dream and opening a restaurant. Everything was ready to go, when suddenly my little brother got sick for a week, and at that point, she knew that she couldn’t go through with it. Her dedication to us, and to making sure we turned out to be the people we are today, was so important to her, that nothing ever got in the way of that. So she pushed her dream aside and decided to wait a bit longer before she would pursue her career.

A couple years later, she managed to add a job to her list of things to do, but how she managed to still do everything else really surprises me till today. This woman is truly a super hero and I am baffled at how well she does it all. Let me tell you something, whenever you see my mother, she is always fixed up (hair perfect, light make up set), and beautiful as ever. She never manages to pull a lazy look which to me is completely impossible- whenever I am at home, I tend to look lazy!

But seriously, I know when I was younger I used to get in arguments with my mother at times and tell her that I was nothing like her, but honestly, today, when anybody says that I remind them of my mother, it is such a compliment. I know, no matter how hard I try, I won’t ever be like her because she is truly amazing and rare, but I do hope that I managed to take enough of her qualities. She is selfless, determined, and so giving!IMG_3540

So when I take a minute to appreciate the women of today, I have to say that first and foremost, I will always start with thanking my mother, because she is the world to me. If it wasn’t for her, my life would be completely different. So thank you mom for being the woman that I hope to be one day!

And on a side note- my father is truly amazing in his own and just as inspiring, but I will have to share with you his story on Father’s Day!

For now, I tell you to appreciate the women that made you who you are today- for me it’s my mother and she impacted me in so many ways. Mom, I love you and for all the women out there Happy International Women’s Day!

Midterm Season

It’s that time again of the year that we all love,Midterms! I think, no one is ever fully ready  to take them but I have some techniques that I can share to help prepare you! Here are my five steps to ace your midterms📚


Step 1: I always start with my cup of coffee which helps me to relax and begin my focus on subject of choice. I just love a good Cappuccino!  For me, I can’t imagine a day without coffee!

Step 2: Organization is key! I always organize my papers and notes ahead of time so when midterms and final come around, I know exactly where they all are.  I usually use one of those accordion file folders to put all my papers in it, so nothing gets lost. Trust me, this helps a lot as not only is everything there, but it eases a lot of stress later on. Don’t worry, if you still didn’t organize your papers, give the accordion folder a try! It’s never too late to organize.

Step 3: It’s important to take some breaks every two to three hours of studying- it helps to relax a little bit and to change your mood. So this is the time where you do what you want to do whether it checking social media, going for a little run, snacking on some chocolate- you do it but don’t exceed the time limit! Manage your time wisely because time is money. So there’s time to study, a time to eat and a time to talk friends for. Everything has its own time!

Step 4: Join a study group! A study group can be an effective way of helping each other set deadlines and share knowledge to better review and understand the content that could be on your midterm. Create a schedule with your study group detailing what content will be covered during what times.

And Step Five: Remember to give yourself a pat on the back. After all, you are trying your best so at the end of the day just remember that!

For everyone out there tackling on their midterms, best of luck and hope these steps ease the process!

Really Whatsapp?


So lately, we have been facing a lot of new changes in the world of technology more so social media,-from originally having MySpace to Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat, etc. – we have had a lot to keep up with. There are days, I thank my social media and its ability to connect me to the entire world, but there are times I wonder what next app is about to launch and how on Earth I plan to keep up with it as well.

About a week ago, I was actually proud of myself being able to keep up with my Snapchat and Instagram story, when all of a sudden, I was forced to awaken to yet another change. Opening my Whatsapp, I was again introduced to yet another application that required me to update its story line, but this time cleverly calling it your status. Seriously Whatsapp!

What happened to originality in the social media world? Why is every application trying to simulate what already exists in the market but at a different and lesser level? Don’t get me wrong, I was a bit confused when Instagram launched its own series of story, but with time, I started to understand the advantage of this feature. But now with Whatsapp’s change, I ask myself, what happened to the simple status of “busy” or “at the gym” …why do we as humans have to complicate every simple thing in life?

So here I am, a 25 year old connected woman, but my question to you Whatsapp, is what is going to make me want to use this feature when my contacts can already see my story on Instagram or Snapchat? Why would I want to update another application on my phone?

Please, if any of you have a foul proof reason for me to update my status on Whatsapp, I would love to hear it..but for now it’s time for me to get back to my series…see I just updated you with my status without having to record it on another application :p

Bisous my readers and I wish you a very good night!