A Pretty Good Weekend


As we watch the weekend pass by us, and unwillingly allow Monday to start, we look back to see if our weekend was worth while. For the past couple weekends, the one’s I have spent here in Buffalo, they have been hard to adjust to with the cold winter and the lack of desire to plan something to escape it, but this weekend was different. Despite the cold, my husband and I wanted to make the most out of it.

So for starters, Saturday was filled with some exercise – which I have to say left me sore the rest of the weekend- a quick run to the supermarket, and then to end the night, a bite to eat at the new gastropub in East Aurora with some friends. I have to say, exploring a new place in this city really got me back into my usual self to explore what this city has to offer.

A lot of times we find ourselves a bit “stuck” and we tend to just let the world stop where it left us and force ourselves to adjust- and what I mean by adjust, is do nothing about it. I never realized how sometimes I tend to take things for granted, but this weekend made me appreciate a lot more what I had. I don’t mean materialistically, but more so in the location that I currently live. Alright Buffalo is no Paris or Beirut, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have anything to offer either.

Sunday made me realize that there is more to Buffalo than I thought there was. Escaping the city to check out a national state park, Letchworth, allowed me to be a bit more thankful for where I was. Our drive was quite scenic, but at times we passed by cities that simply you would call “the middle of nowhere”. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I knew that all this time I was complaining about where I was, I never realized that I could have been somewhere even more remote. Overall, I was thankful to see that living in Buffalo isn’t all that bad, but it’s just a matter of adjusting correctly, and it’s just temporary.


Now I would love to say that I am going to quit complaining from this day forward, and start loving the city that I am in, but unfortunately, I am only human. What I can say, is that I will do the best that I possibly can to explore the city more to see what it has to offer.  Positivity is definitely key!

So to conclude, if there is anything that this weekend really had to offer, was an insight to enjoying the moments that life has to offer and just to go with the flow. Life is too short to watch it through a negative lens.

I leave you at this thought and would love to hear how you have adapted in your own cities when it wasn’t necessarily your first choice.


Vera Wang & Paris


Ever read something, and then suddenly you have this crazy feeling in your heart that the thing you just read had some impact on you emotionally?

After reading this article in The New York Times, it dawned on my how much my love for Paris really does exist. As I mentioned before, I spent a year in Paris completing my studies in the industry that I am most passionate about: Fashion. And in my spare time, I would just walk around the city, admiring the architecture, the fashion, the people, the ambiance…really just about everything.

The funny thing about Paris is the first time, I actually visited it was in 2014. I went with a friend of mine and just like any other tourist, I explored the commercial sites and slowly escaped into this world of wonder. Coming back from it, I only could think about how much I wanted to live there- but who was I kidding, my heart was set for NYC. I used to tell myself that I would always pick NYC over any other city, but boy did my heart confuse me after that trip.

So come early 2015, I started applying to fashion schools both in NYC and Paris – I said to myself, why not? Low and behold I got accepted to schools in both cities, and the decision had to be made. At the time, my husband, boyfriend then, had also been accepted for an internship year in NYC, so I thought to myself, well there’s a pro. But realistically speaking, I didn’t feel that my heart belonged to that city anymore. So I took a leap of faith, and I chose Paris.

I cannot explain enough, how happy I was that I chose this city to experience for my masters. Not only was it the capital of what I was pursuing, but it was a city of wonders and a city of so much beauty. It really was a place that captivated the mind of all hopeless romantics and appreciators of art in its finest forms.

After reading the Vera Wang article, it reminded me how much I miss this city, and how much it developed me into who I am today. It wasn’t easy at first- there were moments I truly was going to just go back home- but my parents and my husband made this transition so much easier and if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have fallen so deeply in love with Paris.

So for those of you who ever wondering about visiting this city and seeing what it has to offer, I can only say go. It changes you, and you start realizing that dreams are a lot more tangible than they appear.  I could go on and on about how I feel as for me Paris was love at first sight,  but I will wrap it up here as I need to get back to other things!


PS- here’s the link to the article: Vera Wang’s Paris Love Affair